Thursday, June 27, 2013

Analysis on Worldwide Regional Web Search for “hotmail”

Top three regions in terms of web search volume for “hotmail” are Colombia, Venezuela, and Peru separately. There are only two European countries on the list, including Spain and Portugal. Excludes those two European countries, other countries on the list are all in Central and South America in web search volume for “hotmail”.

In Central and South America and few European countries, Hotmail users are much more active than users in other places like North America and Asia. Facebook place No.1 in the list of related terms search, other four are msn, msn hotmaill, hotmail sign and sign in hotmail in top 5 of the list. Facebook jumped into popularity in recent 9 years for its friendly user experience and spirit of innovation that wined hundreds of thousands of fans around the world.

Hotmail is the first web-based email services for users all over the world. It was purchased by Microsoft in 1997 for an estimated $400 million, and rebranded as "MSN Hotmail" after a short time. The official account of Hotmail said farewell to its followers on the social networking site for Microsoft completed the move from Hotmail to the new Outlook.com. We have to notice that even it has the extensive popularity in Central and South America, hotmail have been the past tense of leading social technology.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

hotmail.com after the ten function of Outlook 2013 have been abolished

hotmail.com after the ten function of Outlook 2013 have been abolished

Outlook 2013 increased many useful function. But at the same time the newest version of Outlook lost some other function and choices compared with other office application. Microsoft might think most of the users won't use these function.
In previous version the users could access the dictionary and dictionary entries through the right click when reading the E-mail. You only need to click the right on the word to choose "seeking" and Outlook would appear a definition list. Now the definition list can be still used but it needs more operation.

1) Click the mail context
2) Click the tab control of "checking and approving"
3) click “research" in proofreading group
4) Press "Alt" and then click the word needed to check. If search phrases choose the phrase, press "Alt" and click the chosen phrase. Or input the word or phrase needed to check in the search box and click "begin to search".
2. Right-click "autocorrect"
It didn't seem make the users complain too much that abolish the mail and click access definition but the autocorrect was different when abolishing the right-click. Click the right the users can increase a misspelled word and the right version in the autocorrection list but it can't be done in Outlook 2013. Some users were very not happy to this. The function of autocorrection is still in use but you should automatically input the entry. The user still can click to increase the unknown word into the dictionary through the mail clicking.
3. The decreasement of input and output
In the old version the user could input and output many versions. Outlook 2013 increased the limitations which were just the data and pst separated by comma. Output might not be a big problem for nearly all application output as the form separated by comma. But the problem is input for the user can't control the form for the whole time. We believe there will be many third party products entering the market.
4. Meeting workspace
Outlook 2013 abolished the function of meeting workspace. The workspace is used to keep the information related to the meeting that you need like conventioneer, date, time and location. In addition you can't add it into the QAT. Personally I don't think the user needs the function.
5. Outlook phone information service (OMS)
Using the OMS function of Outlook 2010 the users can communicate with the mobile equipment like phone. But Outlook won't support the function and that makes the users annoyed for the function is very convenient for them. Similarly it is a chance for the third party product.
6.Using the OMS function of Outlook 2010 the users can communicate with the mobile equipment like phone. But Outlook won't support the function and that makes the users annoyed for the function is very convenient for them. Similarly it is a chance for the third party product.
7. Calender publishing
Outlook won't support to publish calender to Office.com. Microsoft also planned to close the service. Microsoft suggested the users move to Outlook.com.
8. Push and pull
To push the E-mail of one side into the schedule of the calender and open a new date record in the windows of the old version. Now the user can't do this anymore. The users can get the same result through pushing the information into the calender shortcut. Although it is a little inconvenient the users will adapt it.
9. The journal and the note
Although the log window was lost and the note function was existing the users can't self-define it. The Tab of the two function was gone.
10. To suggest the linkman
Outlook 2013 stopped the function of linkman which  connects the people who are not in the contact list. The users may don't like this function so there won't be too many people to complain. Is the cut of the new version a progress or can the function make the users use the old version? We believe different users must have different judgment and experience.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Interrelated function between the mailbox of Hotmail and Outlook will be turned off

We know that there is a interrelated function between the mailbox of Hotmail and Outlook, which allows users to quickly switch between multiple e-mail accounts. This associated function was added by Microsoft in 2006. But recently, Microsoft said it would give up this function, and use the "alias" for reasons including safety considerations as well as you hope users to use a single Microsoft account on all the linked devices .
This reason may seem far-fetched, but Microsoft claims that there is only one e-mail address will be kept safe; while the "linked accounts" makes ensuring security issues Inbox more difficult, because there can be a variety of ways to access it.

Monday, June 10, 2013

www.Hotmail.com : An Analysis Report of A Few Important Countries

 According to related data, From 2004, search volume of hotmail is not  so ideal. Among several important countries, United Kingdom, France and  Australia have performed much better. While United States and Germany  are opposite.From March 2008, United Kingdom, France and Australia have  an obvious increase for about 40% increase respectively, however,  United States and Germany almost have no increase.
   In United Kingdom, www.Hotmail.com is quite popular in England. And in France  it is Ile-de-France, Corsica following closely. In Australia, it is New  South Wales.
   In Unites States, www.Hotmail.com is most popular in Virginia. And in  Germany it is Hessen.

Brazil's "national non-smoking" has fruitful effect

   Tomorrow is "world no tobacco day",refuse cigarettes,Brazil's "national non-smoking" has fruitful effect.
   Brazil began to implement the non-smoking policy from December 15,2011,forbid smokers smoking in private or enclosed
public areas.In fact,before the non-smoking policy,Brazil has been having great determination to tobacco control,and
persist in working for it.In the past 30 years,the number of Brazil's smokers has been cut down by nearly a half.
   In 2013,the federal government of Brazil plans to invest 12 million reais in drugs for tobacco control,disease
prevention,and personnel training, plus the spending of health sites across the country,the money is expected to reach
60 million reais,amount to 180 million yuan,the target is to reduce the proportion of smokers in Brazil from 15% to 9%
in 2022.

Gmail Will Automatically Sort Emails

DailyEconomic/ Gmail Will Automatically Sort Emails
    Gmail will launch new inbox: it will automatically sort emails into several categories.
For example, the interface of the web version Gmail inbox will turn up a label menus:
ranking numerous tags, including important mails, social mails, emails for promoting and
updating, etc.
    Users can set label categories by themselves. For example, they could drag the email
which belongs to important emails formerly to emails for promoting. From then, the email
will never emerge in the important category.
    Gmail application in android 4.0 or above versions, and in iPhone and iPad, when users
start the application, importang category is the default.
    Web version and mobile version of Gmail inbox will be rolled out gradually in the coming

Outlook.com A Laggard in Innovation

  DailyEconomic/ Although Microsoft migrated Hotmail to Outlook.com, little innovation for users could be appreciated.

1. [Mails] Barely a difference with Hotmail. Less friendly than Gmail regarding user-experience.

2. [Contacts] Merely expanding the contacts importing feature, which can hardly be an innovation.

3. [Calendar] The online notepad is convenient for many users. However, 163.com in China has already implemented and optimized this feature with its email services long ago.

4. [Skydrive] Cloud drive feature is pretty popular now. Google released Google Drive last year with 5GB capacity compared to Skydrive which has a capacity of 7GB. It is clear that Skydrive tends to  win over users by providing larger storage.

As is seen to all, Outlook.com barely knocks the door to innovation only to repeat what has already been done. A laggard in innovation? The name is Microsoft.